Clandestine Céramique

Clandestine Céramique | Twisted Table Lamp

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 This artisanal lamp, produced with exceptional skill by Clandestine Ceramique's French-based artist in Spain, consists of a rough-surfaced clay of warm, brown tones, complete with a knotted handle and central cutout.

SIZE: 26cm height - 27cm width*




MATERIAL: Ceramic lamp wired with a brown fabric cored with European plug that comes with an American adapter. 


*All pieces are handmade and unique, so measures are approximative. Handles included in global measures.


ABOUT: Clandestine’s studio is located in the Galician Coast, in Spain.  Behind Clandestine’s, there is Sophie; a french designer that moved to Spain in 2019 after ten years working in fashion studios in Paris.