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Hand forged Brass Ladle | Lue Brass

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Handmade brass ladle by Japanese metalworker Ruka Kikuchi (Lue).  Perfect for many different cooking tasks. The scoop itself is shallow and would mainly be used for stirring and the transfer of small liquids.


SIZE: 27cm in Length x 8.5cm in Width (scoop)


SIZE: 21cm in Length x 6.5cm in Width (scoop)


MATERIAL: Hand Forged Brass


CARE: Over time, this piece will patina and darken as the metal oxidizes, also reacting to the natural oils from one’s hands. For daily care, wash gently after use and wipe away water.


ABOUT: Ruka Kikuchi (also known by his nickname, LUE) makes functional and modern brass utensils by hand in his studio in Setouchi, Japan. Lue hopes his objects will bring great joy into your daily rituals.