Injiri Throw Blanket | Dots + Tassels

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The Injiri Jat Collection 

Skilled weavers and artisans who defy trends, draw upon India’s 4,000-year old regional textile traditions such as handwoven khadi, jamdani, and ikat to create each of these one-of-a-kind textiles—through a series of processes that take months. 

 Chinar Farooqui, founder of Injiri is dedicated to working with artisan collectives to preserve handcrafting traditions that include hand-looming, hand-dyeing, embroidery, and hand-stitching detail—honoring the artisanship and regional beauty of Indian textile tradition.  


COLOR: Black + Natural White


MATERIAL: 100% Handwoven Organic Cotton

CARE: Hand wash, line dry

SIZE: 36" x 72"

ORIGIN: Made in India