Greentree Fluted Pillar Candle

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The Fluted Pillar offers a rich texture and hours of ambiance. Hand poured from 100% pure North American beeswax. 70 hours burn time.

Clean Burning: Since beeswax candles have a high melting point- approximately 145 degrees Fahrenheit, they burn slower. That means, beeswax candles last much longer. Because they burn slowly, they have little to no drip.


13.5" h X 2.5" diameter


100% North American Beeswax


Catskills, NY


Greentree Home Candle is a small American company based in the foothills of the Catskills Mountains designing and producing handmade beeswax candles. Jenifer Green founded Greentree Home Candle in 2000. She feels that creativity is the lifeblood that makes our everyday lives spectacular. The company uses only pure beeswax. "When one of our candles is lit, not only does in burn cleanly, it transforms the object and gives off the sweet scent and a luminous glow".