Escudo Embroidered Table Runner | Under the Bough

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The graceful, refined and easy drape of our lienzo fabric combined with intricate Ao Po'i hand-embroidery—a meticulous, handcrafted tradition of needlework that traces back to the ancestral Guaraní in Paraguay.


100% Cotton

Color: Ecru


Handmade in Paraguay


"The work of Under The Bough is not only to preserve this history of tradition, but to build upon it by enriching and expanding the design and craft through a more deliberate approach. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches. To work this way takes time—it is intentional. There is a vitality and authenticity in things handmade because they are a reflection of an honest moment, of the intimacy that occurs between the maker and material. It is also a reflection of place and the culture of traditions passed down."