African Glass Beads

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Reminiscent of found sea glass, these beads are made through an elegant process of gathering old, broken, and unused glass pieces that are ground into powder and remade into these soulful beads. The artists crush the reclaimed glass and pour it into handmade clay molds, then fire it, where the glass dust melts and fuses into a single bead that solidifies at room temperature.


13 1/2" L


Ghana, Africa


Ghana is one of the main African regions whom have utilize glass African Trade Beads within their culture – predominantly because of the colors of these beads. Certain colors are also believed to ward off evil – notably white. It is a common ritual within Ghanaian tribes, especially the Krobo – to tie a multicolored string of Old Venetian Glass Trade Beads around the waist of a new-born baby to ward off disease, evil and negative aura. Trade Beads were for centuries the primary currency of African economy