the hōm market turns 1 + a year in review

the hōm market turns 1  +  a year in review

hōm turns 1 on July 17th and holy crap what a year it has been! Reflecting on everything that has happened during this trip around the sun we all deserve a big hug and a stiff drink.
I started dreaming about opening a store while at home with my infant who never slept and 2 year old toddler during the peak of the pandemic. Always wanting to own a store in the town that I live, the need to get out of the house and speak to other adults and be creative became a top priority for me. I shot up in bed one morning, told my husband my idea and fast forward a week we are liquidating our savings account (thank you Peter), re-mortgaging our home, borrowing from family (thank you mom!) and here we are. Remodeled, the shelves are stocked, artisans are lining up, and we just won 
There has been challenges and changes over the course of this year of growth for us. On this quest of finding joy and figuring out how to make profit we tried many different things–interior design, showroom collaborations, classes, and partnerships. The main concept of the store has stayed the same selling unique handmade artisan goods and scouring the globe for vintage finds and that is what truly brings me joy. I feel more dialed in than ever and excited of what this store has become.
Thank you for your support, purchases, class attendance, words of encouragements, reviews, feedback, and for taking the time to read this newsletter. We wouldn't be here without you and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
We cannot wait to bring you more beauty for years to come.
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