q+a: sophie agullo of clandestine ceramique

After ten years in Paris working as a fashion designer for houses like Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, Sophie Agullo moved to Galicia, Spain. There she was drawn to explore the world of clay. Living near the ocean, she felt she had to reconnect between earth and sea, to shape something from mud.

From these long afternoons creating, Clandestine Ceramique was born in 2019. Each piece of her collection can be seen as a love message to the ocean, from the wavy handles to the sandy texture, and are related to another one as if a family or a clan. We love that!

We have a limited collection of her vases here at hōm and had a fun Q + A session with Sophie about how she grew up, where she finds her inspiration, and which artists she's crushing on right now!  

clandestine ceramics

meet sophie agullo

What kind of kid were you? How’d you spend your days?

I have two elder sisters. I have always been following them like their shadow, as much as I can remember. I think I was the easy one, as I didn't want them to consider me as the small one and be left on the side. It's tough to be the littlest of the family ;) We had the chance to be super close and still are, even with distance. 

When did you know you had to create for a living? What was that realization moment like for you?

I have been a fashion designer for nearly 10 years but in the end, you spend a lot of time on the computer and I was willing for a change. I’ve been trying a lot of handmade things when I started my adult life, to balance with this digital life; like jewelry, embroideries, knitwear project. Ceramic just came into my life like this.

Creativity is....

Seeing things that other people don't see. For example, the other day I went to a kitchen store and went mad with all the spoons they got, I was only thinking about textures they could provide. A whole new world opening.

clandestine ceramics

Where do you feel most connected with yourself? 

I’m still a beginner but I really feel myself connected in the water. I’ve been living near the ocean for nearly 3 years and I started surfing and I really really love it. It has that meditative quality, you better not think about anything but just the water, otherwise it can be really tough. Morning sessions are definitely the best. Actually one gimmick of Clandestine is vivir al ritmo de las mareas; living with the tides of the ocean.  

What’s the hardest part of creating ceramic pieces?

No doubt that physically the hardest part is the handle work, at least for me as you have to work with balance, and drying process. And then, starting a new piece and stick to the initial plan.

In the end I’ve been working with softwares like illustrator and photoshop all my life so I’m used to CTRL-Del / copy paste etc. Stick to an idea when you know you have like 1000 of other possibilities makes it hard sometimes.

clandestine ceramics
clandestine ceramics

OK, an artist or maker you’re crushing on right now:

I have two in mind : Simone Bodmer Turner and Malen Knudsen.

What is it about their work speaks to you at this moment?

Their amazing works is about movement and texture. I’m in love with everything they do.

A restaurant you wish you could be at right now:

Trois Fois Plus De Piment in Paris— best Chinese food ever.

With who?

My partner Raphael.

clandestine ceramics

Three songs you’d put on a road trip mix:

Just came back from a Portugal trip (surf and yoga retreat) and I’m not Spanish, but the environment got me I think and I just can’t live without C Tangana anymore, ha! 

C Tangana - Tu me dejaste de querer
Mac Miller - Good News - ying one
Ckay - Emiliana

Your all-time favorite cocktail. Where did you first have it?

I’m not a huge drinker of alcohol, I have to say... I prefer red super super soft wine. I’m French after all ;)

Where are you going on your next holiday?

It will a bit depend on my schedule but i really would like to go to Les Acores to make trekking and surf. But it’s in the air.

Best hotel stay EVER!

I’m more a camper girl ;) and I would highly recommend to those who go on a trip to Portugal to go to the Berlenga’s Island. The boat will get you there, there is nothing on the island, and you can camp anywhere. it’s an experience in itself and really, really beautiful.

clandestine ceramics

Thank you, Sophie! We love your work! 


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