Britt's home tour

Britt's home tour


We purchased our home in Hastings on Hudson in 2016 after convincing my husband to just come and "look" at houses in the Rivertowns. I took him out on the balcony, away from our real estate agent and said: This is it, I'm sorry but we need to liquidate everything, this is our home—I just know it! He shockingly agreed with me and the rest is history, the house was ours!


When we first moved in it felt like we were playing house in someone else's home, I was pregnant with our first child and the house, while we loved the bones, was not to our—my—style. 


I immediately enlisted the help of my dear friend Becca Casey from Becca Interiors. I needed to bring in the big guns, everything was in need of change and a new vision, but we didn't want to lose the charm which originally brought us to love this home.


The house was built in 1899 and had been renovated and updated in 2008 to bring it back to its Victorian roots and color ways, much different than my love for whites and neutrals. Becca thankfully agreed to take us on, and our collaboration began. At that point seeing we spent all our savings getting the house, we lived the first year with NO furniture, just what we had from our tiny apartment in Manhattan, scheming and dreaming of what could become. We did it slowly, methodically, room by room. It has taken five years to get all the furniture and now we're finally at the art and decor stage which turns out to be a true passion of mine! 


I will still be enlisting Becca's help with our kitchen renovation set to take place next year, what can I say working with her is another new addiction! She showed me what can be done with paint, what can be done with layering textures, and how much living with great design can change your life.


Thank you, Becca. 



All photography by Rikki Snyder  


























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