bake with Kate—the ultimate comfort muffins

bake with Kate—the ultimate comfort muffins

I woke up in a snow globe this week and for now, I’m loving it! A dusting of fresh snow feels new somehow and we can all use a bit more of that feeling.

With the pandemic ebbing and flowing variants around the world, so much still feels uncertain. Which may be why we’re all looking for more comfort—specifically, comfort food!

The Washington Post had a great little story about the chicken wing shortage fueled in part by the Super Bowl, but predates it because of our need for joy and simpler times.

I’d never really thought about wings as comfort food, but it’s true. I’ve never angry-eaten or sad-eaten a wing before, I’ve always felt really happy wing-eating. Usually in a bar, surrounded by friends, watching a game or after playing one—happy, simple times.

This collective need for comfort food must explain the uptick in my muffin eating. And what could be more comforting than a donut and coffee—or a muffin, inspired by a donut and coffee. 

So we can all comfort-eat muffins together, we’ve asked Westchester instructional chef, Kate Sonders to teach a class at hōm. Inspired by apple cider donuts, she will lead an all-ages class baking apple cider muffins. If you've been looking for something to do, to bond with a pre-teen say or your partner after putting the kids to bed, or yourself because you're quarantining alone and today want some company, this is THE perfect class: fun and delicious!

Muffin is just code for morning cake and these are really just donuts disguised as muffins. Pure genius, Kate!

Sign-up for the muffin class and while you’re here, take a second to drop us a note if you have another class idea you’d like to take or teach!

Our studio-shop, hōm, will open this spring in Hastings on Hudson, NY. With small-batch goods from around the world and nearby by such talented artisans, as Aron Fischer of Facture Goods who makes my favorite coffee spoon.

Photo by Facture Goods

 I'm not overstating when I say this spoon delights me every morning, it's that beautiful! It's so much part of my day that I even travel with it.

Now, if you missed the Super Bowl this past weekend, I'll catch you up with my favorite commercial by GM with Will Ferrell and poet Amanda Gorman’s pre-game performance. Tom Brady proved that being 43 is still a perfect age to win another ring (he has now won seven Super Bowl championships). Tampa Bay Bucs won 31 to 9 over Kansas City.

You’re all caught up.

Until next time keep groovin' with this song we've been playing at our family's Sunday zoom dance parties—a new family tradition.

And keep in touch on instagram, where my brilliant business partner, Britt Summers, keeps us visually inspired all day every day. 

Stay cozy at hōm—Sandra

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