Clandestine Céramique

Clandestine Céramique | L’ Enfant Lune Tressé Vase

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This artisanal vase from Clandestine Ceramique in Spain is handmade with twisted handles and crafted from natural white chamotte clay with a sandy texture. Its inner surface is glazed for a soft finish, while the outside is partially glazed at the top.


SIZE: Length 30cm - Width 27cm *


MATERIAL: Natural color white chamotte clay with sandy
and irregular texture on body Softly glazed inside and outside. Twisted handles.




ABOUT: Clandestine’s studio is located in the Galician Coast, in Spain.  Behind Clandestine’s, there is Sophie; a french designer that moved to Spain in 2019 after ten years working in fashion studios in Paris. 

Each piece is unique, like you, with its own character, its irregularities and differences.

Each piece of the collection can be seen as a love message to the Ocean, from the wavy handles to the sandy texture.

Each piece is related to another one, and all together they are a family, a Clan. Every piece is handmade, unique, and can represent irregularities, which make it even more beautiful and surprising. Families of vases and pieces are meant to grow and can be mixed together, to create your own Clan. Every Clan is imagined, designed, then slowly hand-made in the studio, near the Ocean.