Kinn 10k Gold Maison Oval Locket with 14k Gold Chain

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Home is where the heart is. Kinn's Maison Gold Lockets are like heirlooms that represent a moment in time.

"Jewelry is all about how a piece makes you feel, and the pieces with emotion hold the most personal touch. Though all jewelry is personal, the lockets may be one of the most personal pieces of all because of what can be kept inside," says Kinn founder, Jennie.

Wear it blank or get it engraved with your signature letter. This locket pendant will be your forever family heirloom.


Locket is solid 10k gold (measures 15mm x 12.5mm)
Weight: 1.8g
Dimensions: 15mm x 12.5mm
Chain is solid 14k gold


Locket 10k gold
Chain 14k gold




“I started Kinn to replace the antique jewelry my parents lost when their home was robbed. In honor of those priceless heirlooms, we design classic pieces at Kinn that stand the test of time. After a lifetime of wear, you’ll be able to pass your Kinn jewelry on as an heirloom.” —Jennie Yoon, Founder + CEO