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Hudson Valley Honey

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Straight from the hive to the jar!

Hudson Valley honey is raw—no heat is used in the process of uncapping or extracting. A course filter (600 micron) is used so you get all of the goodness raw honey has to offer! Much of this delicious honey comes from their Greene County organic farm. 

The color of honey varies for different reasons:

Light honey comes from the early spring and summer blooms for a taste that is simply sweet. Light honey can include basswood, dandelion, willow, heather, hellebore, apple trees, anemone, sweet pea and many others. 

Medium honey includes the bountiful array of summertime blooms such as thyme, hyssop, catnip, lavender, mountain mint, coneflower, borage, thistle, comfrey, milkweeds and other blooming plants. 

Dark honey is sweet and complex. It compliments late forage flowers such as aster, knotweed, goldenrod, sage, poppy, yarrow to name a few.