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Bellocq metal artisans, for a more intimate brew, have designed this versatile, hand-crafted silver-plated tea strainer. The Deep Basket Silver Strainer fits perfectly into a teapot or large teacup to either brew or strain looseleaf tea.


2 3/4" Deep x 2 1/4"D. With Handle: 6 1/8"L


Silver-plated strainers will lightly tarnish over time, an aesthetic documentation of their use in your home. To keep these strainers clean, simply rinse and pat dry after each use.




True to its mission, in addition to their hand-blended organic tea blends, Bellocq's line includes an exquisite collection of single-origin, pure teas, an assortment of organic herbal selections, and rare puerh. Tea has always been about ritual and the sense of well-being that accompanies it, and this luxury is what Bellocq strives to provide. For Bellocq, not even so much the luxury of the finest goods, though quality is the strongest motivation behind the tea, but the luxury of time and space created in the meditative enjoyment of a cup of tea is of primary importance.