Grayson White Ceramics

Grayson White Ceramics Medium Bud Vases

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Farmhouse Handmade Ceramics

Stoneware vases in custom stone (cream) color glaze—perfect for your favorite bunch of short stem flowers. 

SIZE: 4" tall x ~3.75" diameter

ABOUT: The name ‘Grayson White’ is a combination of Caroline's grandfather’s mother’s maiden name and her grandfather’s last name, nods to her ancestry and two people whose grace, love of family and determination have shaped the woman she is today.

"Most of the inspiration behind my work stems from knowing that every piece made will leave the studio and become an essential part of someone's daily routine. Every piece is made with purpose, representing how I choose to move through life: appreciating the simple moments and unexpected touches of beauty and complexity.

"When I’m not busy in my garage studio, I work as a Communications Strategist at the intersection of social impact and community development finance, something that tends to reward me everyday." —CAROLINE WHITE