Clandestine Céramique

Clandestine Céramique | La Colonne aux Petites Oreilles

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Clandestine’s studio is located in the Galician Coast, in Spain.  Each piece can be seen as a love message to the Ocean, from the wavy handles to the sandy texture. Families of vases are meant to grow and can be mixed together, to create your own Clan.
Every Clan is imagined, designed, then slowly hand-made in the studio.

Behind Clandestine’s, there is Sophie; a french designer that moved to Spain in 2019 after ten years working in fashion studios in Paris.


The Column with Little Ears


SIZE: 5.25" H x 7" W


MATERIAL: Natural color clay.
Transparent glazing inside and outside.
Engraved stripes all over the body .