Biography Face Oils

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We put your story first.

To us, even the best-made products will never be as interesting as the people who use them. Our face oils harmoniously integrate themselves into your daily routine, giving you the power to change your skin’s narrative for the better. As your skin improves, your story changes—and that new chapter is all Biography.

It’s a short list: we make face oils. Namely, four active oil blends with the power to change your skin—and your story. We’re hawkish about our craft: what other companies may outsource, we handcraft from scratch, doing the meticulous designing, formulating, and clinical testing. The result is skincare that actually delivers what it promises: meaningful, visible change from naturally healing sources, bound to replace your creams and moisturizers in one fell swoop (or maybe four).


Long JuneFor sensitive skin, including rosacea. Lightweight & non-greasy, anti-inflammatory & redness-reducing, soothes & calms even the most sensitive or oily skin (including rosacea and pimple prone), great under makeup moisturizer for all skin types. Scent. Fresh, herbal, clean, fields. 

Golden RayFor all skin types, including combination. Increases collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines, replenishes skin's moisture levels, improves elasticity. Scent. Clean, bright, floral, sunny. 

Petty Grudges: For normal to very dry skin. Plumps & moisturizes dry and damaged skin, diminishes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, helps repair sun damage & diminish brown spots, preserves elasticity. Scent. Green, citrus, roses, earthy.