Valentine’s Day Gifts

My boyfriend got me a toaster for Valentine’s—he probably shouldn’t have.


toaster waffles in hearts

Photo by Tori Fraiche Living 



The toaster went back. I kept the man. He’s now my husband, so it all worked out.


February is a tough month. Where I’ve always lived, it’s cold. Really cold, dark and ever so lonely—maybe it’s why I love me some Valentine’s.


A little bit of light. A little bit of love—whether a partner, friend, kiddo, or just someone in your life deserving of a little extra (maybe it's you!)—the middle of February is a good time to let them know they're loved. 


I think back to the toaster—I do LOVE toast: toast w butter, delicious. Toast w peanut butter, butter on top and a sprinkle of Maldón salt—don’t knock it til you try it. I see why he leaned into the toaster. It was really sweet, if not a little too utilitarian.


He probably wished someone had sent him a Valentine’s list!!! So here we are, with our round-up just in time:




White woman in long navy slip and robe w white pipingPhoto by Negative Underwear


When Britt loves something, you’ll soon know about it—she's obsessed with NEGATIVE UNDERWEAR—comfortable and sexy, it hits that sweet spot! This robe is luxurious and Valentine's Day worthy!


Japanese 12-year single malt whiskey called Yamazaki


I turned Britt onto one of my favorites, Yamazaki Japanese Whiskey—now it’s become a nightly ritual at Britt's, in her Justin Parr glasses of course! If you're local to the Rivertowns, our favorite place to score a bottle is Crespo Whiskey & Wines in Dobbs Ferry.


White bud vases handmade by Frances PalmerThis Photo + blog post cover photo by Frances Palmer


White Bud Vase by Frances Palmer—Britt’s crush since her days as a Manhattan florist and we all see why. Beautiful texture, each one unique—just like you.


Flowers by Design book cover, moody Dutch-inspired floral arrangement, black background and orange spine


Flowers by Design by Ingrid Carozzi. Britt is featured in this beautiful book that teaches floral design in a truly accessible way with plenty of inspiration. 

the hōm market's dining room with a gorgeous arrangement by Britt Summers in a Made Solid cognac leather-wrapped glass vase 

Flowers are always a perfect present! Sign up for Britt's class, May 7 with spring blooms in made solid leather-wrapped vases. Only six spots available!



Sea sponges in dough bowl

I love a little luxury in the morning and I LOVE to make it simple: a few drops of an essential oil on my shower wall and a lather with my natural sea sponge! It’s spa-like. 


Photo by babaà

Another go-to for me, is any sweater from Babaà—they're fabulous, warm, and cozy. I adore their merino wool sweaters, which are a perfect layering piece as well as their cotton cardigans. The wool cardigan can double as a coat over another one of their many gorgeous, sustainably-made sweaters—staple pieces of my wardrobe!


Hand-carved wooden forest animals by CarverLabs on Etsy

Photo by Carvers Lab


For my kids, I’ve long loved these sweet wooden toys by Carvers Lab—hours of quiet play is a gift for everyone!


However you mark the middle of February, whether it’s with Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you carve out time for yourself in a way that’s nourishing to you—and be sure to shop our Valentine's Day Collection for the pampering you deserve!


Until next time, stay cozy at hōm—Sandra