Mother's Day Gift Guide—only one day?!?

two moms and three kids being silly 

I don’t know who decided it, but we only get one day!?!


It seems to me, with three kids, every day is mother’s day:

Mom, where’s the syrup? Mom, I can’t find my SHOES! Mom, mom—


So when the one Mother’s Day does come around—my day would look like this: 

 cappucino in a white mug with a little cookie


Cappuccino and croissant on the deck, a little vase of fresh cut garden flowers on the table, with the sun streaming down just so, snuggled under a cozy blanket.

Celine Red SunglassesSunglasses and slippers on, still in PJs—I wear comfy sweats to sleep in, it makes it real easy to go from night to day, hello! school drop off—and a little music in the background. My kids, playing sweetly in the yard—their laughter I hear in the distance

 Beyond Yoga Spacedye Midi Joggers in black


When I was done, they’d know and refill my cup and clean away the plate. 

 Cultiverre French Market Basket Backpack in natural woven palm leaves

During this second cup of coffee, my husband has packed a picnic lunch, and now, after finishing the paper, I grab my clippers and head to the garden, clip a few more flowers, then head off for a woods walk. They’ll drive to the park one town up-river, where I’ll meet them in an hour or two for lunch. 

 On the walk, I’ll think of my mom, my other mom, and all the “moms” around this world who lift us up, who have our backs, and are with us through so much. 


Mom is more than the person who birthed you—though it is no small thing to be that person too—mom is a word that represents so much to each of us. It is complicated and loaded and filled with all sorts of emotion and memory. 


So on Mother’s Day, I encourage you to reach out to the moms in your life who have nurtured you, cajoled you, helped shape you—give them a little something that says: I see you, I’m grateful for all you are, happy Day!


And P.S. If anyone reading this knows my kids or husband, feel free to forward this to them! And for those looking to gift something, we humbly present our: 






We offer some of our personal favorites—trust us, we’re moms:

the hōm market’s Mother’s Day gift guide
  1. French Market Harvesting Basket Backpack by Cultiverre, $85
  2. Japanese pruner + sheath, by Barebones $40
  3. Céline sunglasses, $160
  4. Beyond Yoga Spacedye Midi Joggers, $110
  5. KINN 14K Gold Biwa Pearl Hoops, $180
  6. KINN 14K Gold Petite Hoop Huggies, $220
  7. Evangeline Baby Alpaca Throw, $400
  8. Mauro Espresso Beans, $36



*With some links, we receive a commission when you buy at no extra charge to you. We only recommend our favorites—the very best! 


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