our olive oil favorite revealed

Olive oil tasting, yes please—bring it on!
white arm extends over cheese board, dipping baguette into olive oil
We’re tasting olive oils from California, Greece, and Italy to build out the hōm market gourmet pantry—and I’m all too happy to oblige. Line up those vintage shot glasses, fill ‘em up with that green, golden liquid pepper. Mmmmm. 
It’s hard not to choose them all for the shop, because they’re all phenomenal olive oils. But we have limited space, so our top choice for a well-balanced, everyday olive oil is from the Napa Valley, California and the beautiful people at…… 
St. Helena Olive Oil Co. and the Double H Ranch
three black bottles with white labels of St. Helena Olive Oil sit atop a rustic wooden bench
The order's in and we should be receiving our shipment of this delicious oil soon. Its fruity notes with a hit of pepper strikes the perfect balance for an everyday olive oil that is sure to please. Come by to pick up a bottle, we'll let you know when they arrive! We can't wait. 
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